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With unique ranges of hot rolled carbon steel castings

Centrifugal casting is a process of producing castings by causing molten metal to solidify in rotating moulds. The centrifugal castings are generally manufactured by the casting machines having their spinning axis either horizontal or vertical. The materials made of iron, steel, stainless steels, glass, and alloys of aluminum, copper and nickel can be best casted using the centrifugal casting process.
For any kind of stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, sand and HRCS castings contact Alloke Alloys. The sand casting is generally manufactured using the sand molds formed by pressing the pattern into sand mixture.

The centrifugal castings manufactured by this centrifugal casting manufacturer find their applications in number of industries like mechanical seals industry, steel industry, galvanization chemicals industry, fertilizers industry, paper industry, pharmaceuticals industry, water treatment and sanitation industry, ship building industry. With unique ranges of hot rolled carbon steel castings, the HRCS castings offered by Alloke Alloys are known for their excellent performance and corrosion resistance and are extensively used in cement sugar industries. With its best casting knowledge and resources, this centrifugal casting India based company manufactures best quality stainless steel castings and duplex castings made from first generation stainless steels like cd4mcu that provide significantly better resistance from chloride stress corrosion cracking. The no-bake sand casting process employed by Aloke Alloys, sand castings India uses the air set method of casting by using dry sand combined with other materials using curing adhesive. Aloke Alloys is one such ISO 9001:2000 certified sand and centrifugal castings manufacturing company that integrates all the best available man power and other resources to cast high quality stainless steel castings, high nickel castings and high cobalt castings from the unique centrifugal casting process. These centrifugal castings are defect free, inclusion free and pressure tight castings with mechanical properties superior to sand castings.

This centrifugal casting Mumbai based company uses its casting experience to manufacture finished fabricated products like sink rolls, stabilizer rolls, air injection tubes, radiant tubes, hearth rolls, deflector rolls, entry seal rolls, furnace rolls, wiper rolls and retorts that are used in furnace manufacturing companies and other user industries such as galvanizing plants, heat treaters, iron industries and steel processing industries. The stainless steel castings are a unique breed of corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant castings made from corrosion resistant, cast stainless steel using stainless steel casting process. Our custom designed products that include the unique range of canalloy castings are known for their versatile features such as dimensional accuracy, optimum quality and cost effective prices. The centrifugal castings prepared by using the horizontal axis machines are called as horizontal centrifugal castings where as the one manufactured by vertical axis machines are vertical centrifugal castings. This process is mainly used to cast thin-walled cylinders, boilers and pipes with large diameters used in oil, chemical industry installations and water supply.

Being centrifugal cast pipe supplier, Aloke Alloys leverages its casting expertise to mould 518mm and 449mm long vertical centrifugal castings and 1st level radiographic quality horizontal centrifugal pipes ranging in size from 60mm OD to 750mm OD. These stainless steel castings with higher carbon contents act as heat resistant castings and are suitable for use in higher temperatures. These thin-walled centrifugal pipes of length ranging from 900mm to 3800 mm can be used as a single-piece and can also be cut into pieces and machined to diverse specifications. This centrifugal casting process leveraged at Aloke Alloys produces finer grain castings that improve mechanical properties of castings and provide them good weldability.